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Yacöpsae - Demo 1 (black vinyl), LP

The first YACÖPSAE demo on vinyl. 21 songs from the very early phase of the Hamburg "Punk/ Powerviolence" institution recorded someone in '91. So duo is still active here. At that time probably the most brutal answer to the "Abstürzenden Brieftauben". This historical document contains a thick full color booklet with unpublished pictures, liner notes and other anecdotes.

- limited black vinyl edition

A1 Intro
A2 Boys Dont Cry
A3 Bundeswehr
A4 Mensch
A5 D.N.R.D.I.
A6 Arm Und Krank
A7 Schrei
A8 Gefühle
A9 Für Dich
A10 Sklave
A11 Hellbound

B1 Friss
B2 Jello Biafra
B3 Zeitvertreib
B4 Missbrauch
B5 Ohne Mich
B6 Gebrochen
B7 Rockstar
B8 Das Tier
B9 Satt
B10 Eisbär

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