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Agathocles / Embalming Theatre - lost in gadget city (brown vinyl, lim. 100), Split-LP

20 years after the last split, finally a collaboration again. Eight songs by AGATHOCLES feat. Joe from ARCHAGATHUS! Listen to this very special collaboration and hear Agathocles in a way you've never heard before. EMBALMING THEATER with eleven new and exclusive attacks. Receive new wacky and macabre stories like "Convert the Lions to Christianity" and 2 cover songs (Gruesome Stuff Relish and Rotting Christ).

- brown vinyl edition is limited to 100 copies

A1 Agathocles Where It Belongs
A2 Agathocles Empty Frame
A3 Agathocles Pricks At Gigs
A4 Agathocles Logical Exodus
A5 Agathocles Class War Necessity
A6 Agathocles Goredom Means Boredom
A7 Agathocles Yuppie Career Freak
A8 Agathocles Dethrone The Tyrant

B1 Embalming Theatre Greed And Deed, Indeed!
B2 Embalming Theatre Toddler In The Rehab
B3 Embalming Theatre Convert The Lions To Christianity
B4 Embalming Theatre Zombie Creeping Flesh
B5 Embalming Theatre Coloured Balls
B6 Embalming Theatre Squashed And Crushed
B7 Embalming Theatre Thyrotoxicosis
B8 Embalming Theatre Morning Star Brown
B9 Embalming Theatre Murdered, Butchered, Eaten
B10 Embalming Theatre Ruptured Guts
B11 Embalming Theatre Shame And Fame

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