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Bone Gnawer - primal cuts (CD)

Originally the project was founded in 2008 as a death metal horror project under the name REVOLTING together with Kam Lee (MASSACRE) & Rogga Johansson from (PAGANIZER), which was a pure "studio project". Only when Ronnie Bjornstrom (RIBSPREADER) and Morgan Lie from (NAGLFAR) joined the line-up, the project became a "real" band. In this context, the previous band name was dropped and a new formation under BONE GNAWER was decided. Stylistically, it's brutal Swedish death metal of the old school mixed with other classic, old-school US/death metal influences as well as a touch of classic death thrash from the 80s. Catchy, cracking guitar riffs, grooving drum beats and catchy choruses. BONE GNAWER's content takes themes, concepts and influences from modern anthropophagi, the main overarching theme revolving around cannibalistic mutants and flesh-eating freaks in a bizarre, crazy and macabre world of modern cannibals and psychotic serial killers, as well as loose influences from horror films with the same themes.

Tracks 1 - 3 previously released on the "Scissored" 7" EP and the Carved mini CD
Tracks 4 - 6 previously released on the Bone Gnawer/Bonesaw split mini CD
Tracks 7 - 8 previously released on the Carved mini CD
Tracks 9 - 12 previously released on the "Zombies vs Cannibals" mini CD
Tracks 13 - 16 previously released on the "Canale Di Carneficina" mini CD

1 Back To The Butchery 2:54
2 Leave Her To The Cleaver 2:23
3 Scissored 2:23
4 And Now The Terror Starts 3:23
5 Cannibal Confessions 2:55
6 Hacked-n-Slashed 3:18
7 Carved 3:09
8 Vorarephillia (Her Sweet Meat) 3:09
9 Beware The Cross 2:56
10 Eat Or Be Eaten 3:22
11 Zombies Vs Cannibals 2:46
12 Cannibal Cravings (Attack Of The Face Eater) 4:14
13 The Female Butcher 3:52
14 Channel Of Carnage 3:41
15 Circle Of The Cannibals 3:40
16 It Shall Have Blood (Demo) 3:50

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