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Formaldehydist - pickled for posterity (black vinyl, lim. 200), LP

"Pickled For Posterity" is the debut album from FORMALDEHYDIST, the new band-project of DAVID INGRAM (BENEDICTION singer) and ROGGA JOHANSSON (PAGANIZER- and MASSACRE guitarplayer), supported by Mads Haarlov (UNDERGANG) and Jon Rudin (WOMBBATH). It's time to make way for the futuristic multi-death-metal eruption. Elements of blackened death, left-field thrash and grandiose extreme metal are all present and correct, but FORMALDEHYDIST have combined them in an exhilarating, unprecedented new form that promises to satisfy on both primal and cerebral levels. FORMALDEHYDIST are what happens when metal is allowed to evolve, to expand and to breathe. An invigorating shot in the arm for the entire metal scene, this album is guaranteed to be one of 2021's most talked-about debuts.

- black vinyl is limited to 200 pieces

A1 Piss Soaked Lingerie (Another One Bites The Crust) 2:46
A2 Chunder On The Tundra 2:28
A3 Six Six Six Pack (The Number Of The Yeast) 2:47
A4 Midget Minibar 2:17

B5 Caught Between A Cock And A Flight Case 2:49
B6 Once Again In Succulence 2:40
B7 Master Libation (Dash Me Optics) 2:13
B8 Is This A Full Bottle In Front Of Me Or A Full Frontal Lobotomy 2:59
B9 Alcohol By Volume (Turn That Fucker) 3:01

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