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Mental Distortion - mentally distorted (black vinyl), LP

Mental Distortion - mentally distorted (black vinyl), LP

Lars Rosenberg (ex-CARBONIZED, ex-ENTOMBED, ex-THERION) had this band together with some well known guys from the most underground Argentine scene back in the day when he was in Southamerica. He teamed up with Gustavo Quiroga (now in BLOODFIEND , DISPLESIA, INFERNAL CURSE among many many others) and Fernando Sarmiento (R.I.P. brother!). They played what they all knew to play: OLD SCHOOL DEATH METAL! They only released one album called "Mentally Distorted" back in 1997, an album very very sought after these days that you can only get paying an insane amount of money. Now DISEMBODIED RECORDS is re-releasing this gem of the underground.

- limited black vinyl

A1 Into The Velvet Sky
A2 Scars
A3 Grey
A4 Unspoken
A5 Tasmanian Dreams

B6 In Despair
B7 Staring At My Moon
B8 Night Blue Station
B9 Coprophagia
B10 Kutverdomme

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Mental Distortion - mentally distorted (CD)

Mental Distortion - mentally distorted (CD)
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