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Grave - fiendish regression (cassette tape)

Graveís "Fiendish Regression" from 2004 epitomizes the bandís unrelenting dedication to death metal, delivering a ferocious onslaught of relentless riffs and pummeling drums. The album exudes a dark, sinister atmosphere with its guttural vocals and haunting melodies.

"Fiendish Regression" is a testimony to Graveís consistency and skills, offering a menacing yet captivating experience for all old school death metal lovers.

Limited edition of 300 copies!

A1 Last Journey 5:03
A2 Reborn 3:45
A3 Awakening 4:28
A4 Breeder 4:09
A5 Trial By Fire 3:47
A6 Out Of The Light 4:05

B1 Inner Voice 4:07
B2 Bloodfeast 4:15
B3 Heretic 5:02

Bonus Tracks:
B4 Burial At Sea 7:40
B5 Autopsied 4:03

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