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Den Saakaldte - ol, morke og depresjon (black vinyl), 2-LP

Den Saakaldte - ol, morke og depresjon (black vinyl), 2-LP
Limited to 500 copies in a noble gatefold. Shining, Diabolicum, Ondskapt, Koldbrann, Nidingr, Slavia, Dodheimsgard and In the Woods. With such an esteemed pedigree and so many harsh, uncompromising records credited to the members' other projects you'd think Den Saakaldte would have a difficult time even beginning to deliver on the obvious expectations for this endeavour, but i'm pleased to say that this record meets all of those expectations and trumps them, crafting a dense, frightening slab of black metal with a truly obscure vibe and an oppressive feeling of depression and anger haunting the whole affair. The title translates to "Beer, Darkness and Depression"-a very telling turn of phrase when you consider that although black metal has a reputation as a very dark and melancholy music, most of the people involved in it enjoy getting fucked up and can even view their music from tongue-in-cheek sort of perspective. Already Den Saakaldte play on that in their title and the sounds contained on this demo further amplify that intelligent, distanced yet involved stance. There are six tracks here, three of which are actual songs spanning 8-12 minutes each, 3 of which are shorter pieces composed for keyboards, field recordings and computers and serve to advance the claustrophobic and terrified feeling evoked by the record's name.
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