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Hooded Menace / Horse Latitudes - instruments of eternal damnation / flame of will (black vinyl), MLP

jacket on 350gsm board with matt lamination and embossing / insert, limited to 500 copies only, second press

The relationship between HOODED MENACE and DOOMENTIA RECORDS comes a long way and doesn’t seem to show any sign of ending anytime soon. All for he better! A new proof being this brand new spanking 12 inches, the fourth (!) in a row in an ongoing series of split for the Finnish horror masters, who are about to wrap up the recording of their third full-lenght and first for RELAPSE RECORDS. “Instrumental Of Eternal Damnation” sees them slowing down things even more on a nearly 9 minutes long dirge that will not only delight those who dig the most their ‘doomier’ side but also all of you perverts who likes to smell of freshly stirred up cemetery grounds.

A quick glance at the list of acts that dared sharing a piece of wax before with the Eyeless Horde speaks volume about how fat and greasy their armoury was in order to sustain the shock. But no matter how COFFINS, ILSA or ASPHYX fit the definition of ‘heavy’, HORSE LATITUDES’ own interpretation of it is truly their own. Taking their name from a 1967 DOORS song and based in Helsinki, Finland, this three-piece sound is actually so damn pounding that they don’t even need a guitar anymore! Propelled by not one but TWO basses and ritualistic drums, call it what you want – sludge, doom, wackozigo etc. – but remember: as their second full-length is about to be unleashed also on DOOMENTIA, this toxic-fuelled and head-stuck-in-the-cloud ten minutes marathon to the end of the earth is just a warning.

A Hooded Menace - Instruments Of Eternal Damnation B Horse Latitudes - Flame Of Will
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