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Meat Shits - bowel rot (CD)

Limited Edition von Bowel Rot vom Cult Cali Porngrind-Pionier MEAT SHITS, ursprünglich 1990 als TAPE veröffentlicht und 1994 als 2xEP. Seitdem ausverkauft und nun endlich als CD mit überarbeitetem Stereosound zurück.

- limitiert auf 490 Exemplare

A1 Bowel-Rot A2 Music Is My Life A3 Terror From The Skies A4 Anal Deception A5 Stress Master A6 Die, You Fucker A7 Let's Fuck A8 Fuck Machine A9 Maggot Burger A10 Video Slut A11 Snot Food A12 Masterbation Frenzy A13 Meat Fuck A14 Two Faced Dick A15 Bonus Body A16 Fucked Up, Bad A17 Smouldered Corpse A18 Gilman Bathroom A19 Rigor Mortis Hard-On A20 Vacation In Lodi A21 F.O.C. (Fuck Off Cunt) A22 No Sex (No Reason To Live) A23 Stench Of Rotting Piss Flaps A24 Robert's Revenge On Everyone A25 Severed Penis B26 Assume The Position B27 Twisted Mass Of Dismembered Carnage B28 Dead-Fuck B29 Necrofuck B30 Pencil Prick B31 Pussy Buddy B32 Top Girl In A Whorehouse B33 Hate Everyone (And Kill Yourself) B34 Embryo Distortion B35 Let Him Fuck You (Bitch) B36 Dirty Pussy B37 Drunken Agression B38 Lick Me (Fuck Me) B39 Dick-Whipped B40 Bloody Onion B41 Casual Fuck B42 Rectal Wink B43 Suck Start B44 Beef Farts B45 Fuck The Misfits B46 Eat Pizza And Fuck On The Floor B47 Blue Balls B48 Bloody Discharge B49 Mucus Pudding B50 Tacky, Rude And Vulgar B51 Motherfucker B52 Primushits C53 Spoon BLues C54 Big Bitch C55 Sour Cock C56 I Am Cumming C57 Use Three Fingers C58 Eighteen Shades Of Pink C59 Snatch Snake C60 Dong Bong C61 Smoke And Screw C62 Impotence Stagnation C63 America The Ugly C64 To Your Graves C65 The Big Lie C66 No Mercy For The Innocent C67 Personality Disorder C68 Junk Food Suicide C69 Ben-Wa Balls The Size Of My Fist C70 If You Love Me (Then Swallow My Cum) C71 Materialistic Obsession C72 Radiation Sickness C73 A Pawn In This Game Of Life C74 Television Disease C75 Munsters Rule C76 Controlled By Apathy C77 Buried In Shit C78 Phlegm Bath C79 Fart Box C80 Morbid Satisfaction C81 Straight-Edge Nightmare C82 Ice Is Nice C83 Caked Face C84 Clam Dip C85 Feast Of Flesh C86 Pepsi Generation C87 Death Remains Here C88 Beer Money C89 Death Dealer C90 Stone Cold Dead C91 Blood Starts To Flow (From Her Cunt) C92 Human Litter To Be Disposed C93 Typical Modesto Cunt C94 Semen Breath C95 Glazed Donut C96 Ninth Street Discount D97 Ginger's Scab D98 Jock Strap Kool-Aide D99 Lick My Plate D100 Next Door Fuck D101 Snail Trails D102 Cunt Perfume D103 Blonde Road Hazard D104 Tramp Squad D105 A Belief I Don't Believe D106 Addicted To Filth D107 Have A Nice Day D108 Fuck The Neighbors D109 Pussy Delight D110 Impulse To Fuck D111 Elvis Danzig D112 Shit Martini D113 Civilised D114 Vadinal Gasm D115 Steel Coffin D116 Sit And Spin (On My Cock) D117 Modesto Punks Fuck Off D118 Armed To The Teeth D119 Tabloid Terrorism D120 Insomnia D121 The Surf Song D122 Acid Bath D123 Satan's Buttplug D124 No Bi-Lords D125 Kick Over My Beer D126 Mutilated Genitals D127 Environmental Death D128 Day Of The Neo-Nazi Skinheads D129 Sadistic Slut D130 Kinky Buttfuck D131 I Need To Fuck D132 Ruptured Testicles D133 Meat Death D134 Goodbye
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Hersteller-Art.-Nr.: M5R-61

Hersteller/Marke: Meat 5000 Records

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