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My Shameful - the return to nothing (CD)

My Shameful - the return to nothing

MY SHAMEFUL celebrates darkest Funeral Doom, so deep and slowly that MY DYING BRIDE or even THERGOTHON and MOURNING BELOVETH seem to hyperactive rabbits. "The Return To Nothing" has no keyboards, no female vocals, no melodies, absolutely nothing that bring success in any way, or even could attract "normal" Doom Metal fans. "The Return To Nothing" is pure, bulky gloom. Even song structures do not exist, because everything that is conducive to our listening habits, was wiped out, strangled, drowned in this sick piece of music.

- Firedoom Music (fdoom012)
- EAN: 6430015105126

1 - This Same Grey Light 7:72
2 - Days Grow Darker 7:08
3 - No Dawn 7:26
4 - The Return To Nothing 6:37
5 - It Can't Get Worse 7:39
6 - Silent 6:52
7 - Just One 6:14
8 - Return 1:31

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EAN: 6430015105126

Manufacturer product no.: fdoom012

Manufacturer/Brand: Firedoom Music

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