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Fleshless - slaves of the god machine (Digi CD)

Fleshless - slaves of the god machine (Digi CD)

The seventh full-length album by Czech Melodic Brutal Death Metal band. Solid guttural Death Metal with a strong US influence is what this devastating Czech unit has been delivering for 2 decades. Fleshless mixing catchy grooves and melodies with faster, blasting parts, sometimes bordering on a more GrindíníRoll approach of the genre. Basically it's plain Death Metal with a lot more melodic guitar leads and whatever catchy stuff you can throw in than the average stuff has, and deep guttural vocals.
Speckmann (Master) and Bruno (Hypnos) appear as guest vocalists on the album! Great stuff for fans of Dying Fetus, Devourment and Divine Empire!

Highly anticipated full length CD of these Czech Brutal Death Metal masters comes in a very impressive full color glossy digipack.

Sins Side
1 Intro 1:43
2 Fixed 1:28
3 Truth In Flesh 3:00
4 To Dethrone God 3:40
5 False Ascension 3:36
6 Sins Reversed 3:37

Salvation Side
7 Industrial Abuse 3:51
8 Mechanic Pregnancy 3:42
9 Their Sanguinary Doctrines 2:20
10 Promised Salvation 2:41
11 Mindseething 2:38
12 Outro 1:42

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