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The Grotesquery - the facts and terrifying testament… (black vinyl, lim. edition) LP

The Grotesquery - the facts and terrifying testament… (black vinyl, lim. edition)

Vinyl version is limited to 500 copies only and comes in a noble gatefold!!!

THE GROTESQUERY is 'old school' 90's style Occult Horror Death Metal!! The band was formed in early 2009, when musician ROGGA JOHANSSON {PAGANIZER, RIBSPEADER, DEMIURG, BONE GNAWER, REVOLTING & others...} and vocalist KAM LEE {BONE GNAWER, THE SKELETAL, BROKEN GRAVESTONES, GRAVE WAX, & formerly of bands: MANTAS/DEATH, MASSACRE, DENIAL FIEND} started talking just after finishing up work on their Horror/Gore Death Metal band BONE GNAWER's debut album in 2008. They had a several talks about creating a new band that would base it's lyrical themes on the dark supernaturual and creating a sort of 'concept' type album. With lyrics based on stories by H.P. Lovecraft's Macabre Tales, Ghost stories & poems by Ambrose Bierce & Edgar Allan Poe, the occult, the paranormal, the supernatural, all the morbid horrid terrors hidden in the dark places of the earth and those things that go bump in the night! And to do it as a project with the type of music highly influenced from the brutal style of early 90's death metal bands - with a touch of the avant-garde and an unorthodox and experimental feel.

THE GROTESQUERY wass born! Now in 2012 - THE GROTESQUERY shall release their 2nd full length album: THE FACTS AND TERRIFYING TESTAMENT OF MASON HAMILTON - TSATHOGGUA TALES. This album's story concept picks up from where TALES OF THE COFFIN BORN left off. This time taking place in the insane asylum known as the Arkham Institute for the Mentally Ill. The concept focuses around a man named Mason Hamilton and the horrific expeirences he survived while investigating a strange uncharted island.

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