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Bombs Of Hades / Suffer The Pain (black vinyl), Split-EP

Another fine vinyl release by excellent Swedish band BOMBS OF HADES. This time they are joining forces with their fellow countrymen SUFFER THE PAIN on another 7" split. Vinyl. What could be better? BOMBS OF HADES presenting us a new song called 'Black Goat Chant'. Absolutely no filler or leftover from their latest fantastic full length album "The Serpent's Redemption". I really dig BOMBS OF HADES. What a great bastard in the vein of bands like AUTOPSY, CARNAGE, DISFEAR or ENTOMBED. Yeah. There's also some MOTÖRHEAD, VENOM, SLAYER and DISCHARGE lurking around the corner. All bands any Metalhead should like. On their second tune they are paying tribute to the SCORPIONS. The song of choice is 'Can't Get Enough'. Funnily enough, their version is sounding 110% like MOTÖRHEAD. Totally genius, if you ask me. Well done buys. Horns up. As usual. Unfortunately I wasn't aware of SUFFER THE PAIN until now. What a failure. Their songs 'Break Your Chains', 'Werewolf' and 'Nuclear End' are very very well written and perfored thrashy / punky songs. Which are fitting perfectly to the BOMBS OF HADES stuff.

This 7" is a extremely well adjusted release featuring 2 cool bands, showing how dirty and filthy... ähm...Rock'n'Roll is meant to be. You really shouldn't miss these two bands. So why don't getting this split? What could be a better teaser.
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