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Katalepsy - musick of evilution (Digi CD)

Mankind dragging on the way of "progress" is only pitiful atavism got a lethal dose of life. …But They still remember human… Obscure whisper and insane squeals of horrific flutes sound from the depths of half-forgotten dreams. The Call of true evilution - transformation of human soul and flesh to the poisoned Blackness. Destructive and innermost travel to the wide open mouth of Darkness.

6-panel digipack including material from the 2006-2009 period of Katalepsy! Get this before it's gone!!!

1. Post-Apocalyptic Segregation 04:11
2. Carpet Wounding 04:14
3. H. Tearing Sinew 04:44
4. Number of Death (13) 04:04
5. Gialo 03:32
6. Sluggish Cranial Grinding 03:44
7. Rots of Fuck 02:49
8. Rabid (Mortician cover) 02:18
9. Necroviolated to Liquid 03:40
10. Consuming the Abyss 03:46

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