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Gutalax - shit happens! (CD)


Gutalax hails from The Czech Republic and has an unhealty fascination with excrement and with grindcore. Both are combinined into a thirty minutes lasting flow of musical diarrhea with brutal guitars, blasting drums and a vocalist who makes rhythmic pig squeals.

The album opens with a fart and from there it never gets better. Fart Fart Away even ends with the I Like Farts song from Family Guy. In fact, it gets even sicker with titles like Smokes Ass With Diarrheal Sauce, Brothers In Ass or Hairytails.

Yet, if you listen to the music beyond the immature humour, you'll find a bunch of decent grinding riffs and a lot of variation in tempo.

1 Dick Dip 2:03
2 Licking The Brown Line Of Fat Old Granny Bitch 1:38
3 Toi Toi Story 1:43
4 Fart Fart Away 2:29
5 Cock Corn 1:49
6 Nature Mature 2:20
7 Smoked Ass With Diarrheal Sauce 2:52
8 Shit Demon 2:03
9 Dildo Pytlik Of The Brown Ring Dildo Baggins 0:52
10 Fucking From Behind Of Macaw Kakadu 0:16
11 Hot Dick 1:49
12 Rectal Orakle 2:02
13 Brothers In Ass 2:13
14 They Took From My Asshole One Meter Long Streptoccoci 2:12
15 Hairytails 1:41
16 Shit 'Em All 1:48

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