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Skeletal Remains - condemned to misery (CD)

Skeletal Remains - condemned to misery (CD)
August 7th, 2015 marked a great day for death metal: American death meteal outfit SKELETAL REMAINS will release their highly aticipated new album "Condemned To Misery"

"Everything together has grown on this new release we feel it's a big step up from ┤Beyond The Flesh┤. The difference between ┤Beyond The Flesh┤ and ┤Condemned To Misery┤ is the mild technicality of it all. You can really hear the progression of the guitars from the riffs down to the solos. The drums play a big part in the technical aspect of ┤Condemned To Misery┤. For the guitars we didn't really shoot for technical, it all just sort of came out that way for some of the songs. The drums is what we really wanted to stand out and thanks to our friend Carlos Cruz, he made it happen. The listeners should expect progression, growth and aggression but over all still the old school vibe we tried to Deliver on ┤Beyond The Flesh┤!"

1. Beyond Cremation
2. Obscured Velitation
3. Euphoric Bloodfeast
4. Viral Hemorrhagic Pyrexia
5. Atrocious Calamity
6. Ethereal Erosion
7. Still Suffering
8. Sleepless Cadavers

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