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Protector - cursed and coronated (golden vinyl), LP


After their successful return with “Reanimated Homunculus”, Protector now deliver their second full-length album of the not-so-new millennium. What can fans of Protector expect from the new LP? Martin Missy tells a bit about “Cursed and Coronated”, which contains a nice surprise for everyone familiar with the Protector back catalogue: “On ‘Cursed and Coronated’ there is a song with the same title. The lyrics to this song are about Urm the Mad, who people might know from our 1989-album – this is so to say the return of Urm the Mad!” About the last Protector album Martin said that the band “wanted an 80’s Thrash metal sound, and I hope we have succeeded with that.” Judging from the reviews “Reanimated Homunculus” got, a lot of people out there think they definitely have achieved this. Now what were the band’s goals for the new record? Has it been forged in the same furnace as the “Reanimated Homunculus”? “Definitely! We keep the ‘Protector boat’ sailing steadily on the seas of Thrash Metal, with some visits to ‘Death Metal Island’. I think that fans who liked ‘Reanimated Homunculus’ will like ‘Cursed and Coronated’ as well.”

First press in golden wax, limited to 500 copies, 5c 425gsm heavy cardboard cover, lyric sheet, poster.

A1 Intro 1:48
A2 Xenophobia 4:15
A3 Selfdesdrugtion 2:59
A4 Crosses in Carelia 3:57
A5 Cursed And Coronated 4:28
A6 Six Hours On The Cross 3:40
B1 Base 104 3:25
B2 The Dimholt 4:30
B3 To Serve and Protect 4:56
B4 Terra Mater 3:00
B5 The Old Boil 2:37

This recording is dedicated to the memory of the following departed heroes of Rock'N'Roll: Jeff Hanneman, Quorthon, Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon, George Harrison, Bon Scott, Cliff Burton, Paul Baloff, and Chuck Schuldiner.

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