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Sarke - vorunah (CD)

Sarke - vorunah (CD)

Sarke (KHOLD, TULUS, OLD MAN's CHILD) featuring Nocturno Culto (DARKTHRONE)! "Vorunah" is nothing less than a modern classic - a timeless masterpiece of sinister tonality. The sound is brutal, yet fresh and contemporary. SARKE rightfully claims their place amongst the todays top metal acts. "Vorunah" is a slow to mid-paced, thrashy and raw black metal album that goes from being straightforward and raw songs to being rather slow, sinister and even creepy tracks.

1 - Primitive Killing 4:18
2 - Vorunah 4:00
3 - The Drunken Priest 3:24
4 - Frost Junkie 6:24
5 - Old 3:42
6 - Cult Ritual 6:33
7 - 13 Candles 6:57
8 - Dead Universe 2:06

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Sarke - oldarhian (CD)

Sarke - oldarhian (CD)
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