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Calm Hatchery / Lago (black vinyl), Split-EP

Calm Hatchery / Lago (black vinyl), Split-EP

This is the split 7" from Arizona's LAGO and Poland's CALM HATCHERY featuring one new song from each band. LAGO delivers a ferocious brew of classic but modernized death metal, surrounded in a blackened fog, wholly bearing an oppressive atmosphere. CALM HATCHERY overthrows the B-side of this split with a vital slab of decimation, “Distant Pulsation.” Continuing to revitalize their brutality with each release, the band unloads a shredding, brutal death metal wrought with bursts of technicality and grindcore-influenced tactics. This is a must have for fans of classic and brutal death metal in the vein of IMMOLATION, BEHEMOTH, MORBID ANGEL, SUFFOCATION.

Black vinyl limited to 400 copies!

A1 Lago - Dominion
B1 Calm Hatchery - Distant Pulsation

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