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Rotten Sound - abuse to suffer (black vinyl), LP

If the chaotic urgency of Abuse to Suffer is any indication, age shall not weary these pissed off veterans. Rotten Sound attack with the focused aggression and ferocity of a pitbull latching onto an intruderís nutsack, ripping out a barrage of sick, crusty grind tunes over a typically concise 28 minute run time. While never veering too drastically away from their tried and true formula, Abuse to Suffer finds the band sounding meaner, filthier and somehow angrier than usual. Perhaps the slight sonic change-up into a grimier sounding, rawer aesthetic has lent Rotten Sound an even uglier and more visceral edge. Or maybe events in their shared lives over the past couple of years has bled into the piss and vinegar drenched riffs, furious tempos and frantic blasts comprising the album. Whatever the case, it sure is nice to have Rotten Sound back again.

Comes in gatefold jacket, 575 copies pressed worldwide in black wax.

A1 Lazy Asses
A2 Intellect
A3 Fear Of Shadows
A4 Trashmonger
A5 Crooked
A6 Time For The Fix
A7 Slave To The Rats
A8 Brainwashed
B1 Cannon Fodder
B2 Yellow Pain
B3 Machine
B4 The Clerk
B5 Caged
B6 Retaliation
B7 Inhumane Treatment
B8 Extortion & Blackmail

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