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Haemorrhage - haematology II - the singles collection (red - violett vinyl, lim. 100), 2-LP

In 2007 the european goremasters HAEMORRHAGE relesaed their first part of "Haematology - The Singles Collection". Now 11 years later and many split releases and EPs it's time for a second part. "Haematology II" contains remastered tracks featured on split releases with Impaled, Dead, Embalming Theatre, Dead Infection, Disgorge & Gruesome Stuff Relish as well as track from the rare EP "Amputated Protocol".

Limited to 100 in red - violett vinyl, Die Hard edition!!!

A1 Slaved To Dismember
A2 Psychotic Delirium
A3 Deformed
A4 In The Name Of Sanity
B1 Furtive Dissection
B2 Secuestrador De Cuerpos
B3 Canarios Y Jilgueros
B4 Antemortem Thanatopraxis
B5 Rank Pyosperm Insemination
B6 Corporation Pull-in
B7 Chainsaw Necrotomy
B8 Gruesome Sphinctral Laceration
B9 Preventative Disembowelment
C1 Hypochondriac
C2 You're Not A Pathologist
C3 Ausgebombt
C4 Buried In Viscera
C5 Reamputated
C6 Hospital Thieves
C7 Gangrenous Prosthetic Implants
C8 Self-medication
C9 Necrophilia
D1 Amputation Protocol
D2 Hospital Thieves
D3 Traumageddon
D4 Flesh Devouring Pandemia
D5 Fomite Fetish
D6 911 (Emergency Slaughter)
D7 Transporting Cadavers
D8 Seis Seis Seis

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