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Malignant Tumour / Squash Bowels - flesh…in death (solid white vinyl, lim. 400), Split-LP

Malignant Tumour / Squash Bowels - flesh…in death (solid white vinyl, lim. 400), Split-LP

This release is from when Malignant Tumour was still a great Goregrind band, before they switched to their new Motörhead style. Songs are fairly simplistic, some quite short, and always with good old style grind guitar and low pitch shifted vocals that make you want to vomit. Their side has covers of Agathocles (great cover of No Use...Hatred by the way) and a Dead Infection cover for the Album opener. As for the Squash Bowels side it's great too. Probaby the better side actually. It starts out with a surprisingly fitting sample from Jurassic Park with a lot of roaring and people screaming. Then "Lustmord" starts, setting the pace for the Squash Bowels side to rip your face off. Lots of disgusting harmonized vocals and screaming to accompany the blasting carnage.

Side of Tumour was recorded in Megasound studio, Havlíčkův Brod, Czech republic in March 1997.
Side of Bowels was recorded and mixed at Salman studio, Białystok, Poland in middle of 1996.

Limited to 400 copies in solid white vinyl.

A1 Malignant Tumour Maggots In Your Flesh
A2 Malignant Tumour Epityphlitis
A3 Malignant Tumour Acute Haemorrhagical Necrosis Of Pancreas
A4 Malignant Tumour Sub-Acute Endocarditis
A5 Malignant Tumour Decubitus
A6 Malignant Tumour Mors Praenatalis
A7 Malignant Tumour Pephigus Vulgaris
A8 Malignant Tumour Diseases Of Oral Cavities
A9 Malignant Tumour No Use... Hatred
A10 Malignant Tumour Pertussis
A11 Malignant Tumour Diphteria
A12 Malignant Tumour Idiopathic Colitis Ulcerosa
A13 Malignant Tumour Mucormycosis Of Gastrointestinal Tract
A14 Malignant Tumour Parasitical Cysts
A15 Malignant Tumour Dysenteria Bacillaris
A16 Malignant Tumour Embryopathia
A17 Malignant Tumour Purulent Attack Pathologist Suck
A18 Malignant Tumour Reason To Hate
A19 Malignant Tumour Necrotic Urocystitis With Ammoniacal Fermentation
A20 Malignant Tumour Putrefaction Decomposition... In The Coffin
A21 Malignant Tumour Impetigo Contagiosa
A22 Malignant Tumour Intravascular Diseminated Coagulate
A23 Malignant Tumour Ingrowing Of The Alien Things In The Body
A24 Malignant Tumour Pulmonary Collapse
A25 Malignant Tumour Go Fucking Nihilist
A26 Malignant Tumour Waterhouse-Friderichsen Syndrome
B1 Squash Bowels Lustmord
B2 Squash Bowels Tested Creatures
B3 Squash Bowels Regulation People's Fear
B4 Squash Bowels Human Acceleration
B5 Squash Bowels Holy Lies
B6 Squash Bowels A Suspect
B7 Squash Bowels Infanticide
B8 Squash Bowels Pseudo-faces
B9 Squash Bowels Victims...
B10 Squash Bowels Right To Live
B11 Squash Bowels Life Like A Dream
B12 Squash Bowels More Our Colours
B13 Squash Bowels Deadly Sick
B14 Squash Bowels The Mass Sickening
B15 Squash Bowels Old Things
B16 Squash Bowels Dash Of Life
B17 Squash Bowels Outro

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