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Terrorizer / Nausea - Split Demos (Split-CD)

This disc consisting of the Terrorizer demo from 1987 and the Nausea demo from the following year reveals the grindcore and punk giants at approximately the time when the classic "World Downfall" was released. These two bands share personnel, but take radically different approaches: Terrorizer adopts the angular riffing and cadenced percussion of metal, where Nausea keeps the syncopated guitar rhythms and open initial intervals of punk. For those who have heard the Terrorizer release, few surprises await on the demo, which essentially showcases the same tracks in a slightly less focused form with less vocal savagery. However, these songs also have more space to breathe, which makes this demo often a better listening experience than the album, which in the Morbid Angel style concentrates on hard-hitting tight composition and production, at the expense of some of the organic restlessness of the original.

Tracks 1-13 By Terrorizer & Tracks 14-24 by Nausea
Tracks 1-7 play by Terrorizer and taken of split LP with Nausea
Tracks 8-13 taken of Terrorizer Demo #1
Tracks 14-22 Taken from the split album with Terrorizer
Tracks 23-24 taken from the Nausea "Psychological Conflict" EP

1 Terrorizer Corporation Pull In
2 Terrorizer Human Prey
3 Terrorizer Infestation
4 Terrorizer Ripped To Shreds
5 Terrorizer Strategic Warheads
6 Terrorizer After World Obliteration
7 Terrorizer Fall Out
8 Terrorizer Nightmares
9 Terrorizer Benediction
10 Terrorizer Mayhem
11 Terrorizer Terror
12 Terrorizer Crematorium
13 Terrorizer The Dead Shall Rise

14 Nausea Why Judge Others?
15 Nausea Think For Yourself
16 Nausea World Chaos
17 Nausea Will It Never End
18 Nausea World Downfall
19 Nausea Condemned Systems
20 Nausea Suffer
21 Nausea Starving Nations
22 Nausea The End
23 Nausea Cold System
24 Nausea Reanimator

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