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Malevolent Creation - memories of a beast (CD)

Malevolent Creation - memories of a beast (CD)

Malevolent Creation are an institution in the Death Metal scene since more than 30 years. The brutality highlighted by supersonic drumming and a bestial vocal roar, that is Malevolent Creation. This is the ultimate collection of the best Malevolent Creation songs from the first years. It is an incredible example as to why Malevolent Creation does it best!

1 Divide And Conquer
2 Rebirth Of Terror
3 All That Remains
4 The Will to Kill
5 Confirmed Kill
6 Halved
7 Kill Zone
8 Homicidal Rant
9 The Fine Art Of Murder
10 Manic Demise
11 To Die Is At Hand
12 Preyed Upon
13 Vision of Malice
14 In Cold Blood

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