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Tiamat - the sleeping beauty - Live in Israel (black vinyl, lim. 400), LP

This live recording is a documentation of a show in Tel-Aviv, Israel, 3rd of June '93. As a 5 song live LP, this disc is easily overlooked or just missed, but it is actually quite worthy of a few spins. The songs on here are taken from early Tiamat material- 3 songs from The Astral Sleep and two from Clouds. I enjoy Wildhoney but prefer the prior material, and this CD is a good look at some of their earlier compositions.

The disc opens with Cloud's In a Dream, a slow crusher that eventually picks up into a pretty badass speed riff with a respectable solo. From there we have a nice little keyboard/synth interlude into the awesome Ancient Entity. It is probably the most straightforward song on the album, but has a nice breakdown around the 2:40ish something mark. The Sleeping Beauty up next, a slower, more eerie song. There is some nice lead work on here, as well as a unique atmosphere. Mountain of Doom is my favorite track on here. The intro is pretty damn cool, then it breaks right into that cool riff. Once again the song features a speedy segment with a good solo. Angels Far Beyond is the last song here, and it's another solid song with a great middle section gallopy riff.

Black vinyl version limited to 400 pressings.

A1 In A Dream 5:00
A2 Ancient Entity 6:35
A3 The Sleeping Beauty 4:31

B1 Mountain Of Doom 5:28
B2 Angels Far Beyond 8:50

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