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Cultes Des Ghoules - coven, or evil ways instead of love (oxblood vinyl), 3-LP Boxset

The metal underground is awash with more bands than ever, but none quite sound like Poland's Cultes Des Ghoules. And now, with the release of the band's highly anticipated third album, "Coven". Cultes Des Ghoules magnum opus and forever prove that no one ever will quite sound like This. "Coven" is a mesmerizing monolith beyond compare - ghoulish, gibbering, and ghastly in equal measures - although its sinful stench fondly recalled the likes of earliest, evilest Necromantia, Beherit, Mayhem, and Mortuary Drape. Cultes Des Ghoules soon became a modern classic for a new generation of black metallers hungry for foul sounds with fathomless depths.

"Oxblood Red' vinyl. Comes in a hardbound outer slipcase housing 3-LPs with a 20-page A5 book.

A The Prophecy (Prologue) / Devell, The Devell He Is, I Swer God... (Scene I) 19:38

B Mischief, Mischief, The Devilry Is At Toil... (Scene II) 11:32

C Strange Day, See The Clash Of Heart And Reason... (Scene III) 20:47

D Storm Is Coming, Come The Blessed Madness... (Scene IV) 14:40

E Satan, Father, Saviour, Hear My Prayer... (Scene V, First Entrance) 14:28

F The Crooked Path Leads Far From Lofty Ways (Scene V, Entrance Of Old George) 13:46
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