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Vintersorg - the focusing blur (CD)

With his meanwhile fifth longplayer, Master Hedlund finally says goodbye to common sound schemes and all restrictive conventions. Gone are the days when catchy melodies shaped the compositions and praised the beauty and sublimity of nature. Extremely complex compositions with multiple superimposed tracks characterize the often simply incomprehensible arrangements. Especially the superficially inserted acoustic guitars lull the listener through the sparse melodies in a deceptive certainty, only to let him run shortly thereafter against a wall of disharmonic sound eruptions.

South America press!!!

1 Prologue Dialogue - The Reason 2:14
2 The Essence 5:54
3 The Thesis's Seasons 4:47
4 Matrix Odyssey 4:39
5 Star Puzzled 5:48
6 A Sphere In A Sphere? (To Infinity) 5:35
7 A Microscopical Macrocosm 4:37
8 Blindsight Complexity 4:52
9 Dark Matter Mystery - Blackbody Spectrum 5:03
10 Curtains 4:45
11 Artifacts Of Chaos 2:37
12 Epilogue Metalogue - Sharpen Your Mind Tools 2:59

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