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Fleshless - doomed (CD)

Fleshless - doomed (CD)

Czech Death Metal powerhouse Fleshless comes with their new album "Doomed". These guys just know how to write their songs and always bringing the sickness since 1993. Already album number 11, is still blasting your face off. 26 years in the underground business and not tired yet. Fleshless is shoowing the youngsters how you shredd, blast and kill while not loosing atmosphere and oldschool song structure feeling.

1 Intro
2 4th Dominion
3 Human Debris
4 A Bleeding Sculpture
5 Expelled
6 Noise Pt. 5
7 Ninety-Seven Pieces
8 Distorted Eulogy
9 Castrate
10 Parasites Fodder
11 Outro

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