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Internal Suffering - chaotic matrix (CD)

Internal Suffering - chaotic matrix (CD)

Colombian Hyperspeed Death Metal, reissue of the second album including four bonus tracks. The band's incredible technical abilities on their instruments make this album not only interesting for fans of utterly extreme music, but maybe also for those interested in well played music.

Limited to 500. CD with pit-art. Includes 8-page booklet.

I. The Unfolded Conquest Of The Universe
1 The Unfolded Conquest Of The Universe (Intro)
2 Chaotic Matrix (Prelude I - Onward To Termination)
3 Colossal Vortex (Prelude II - Phenomenal Spectrum)
4 Lurking Monstrosity (Prelude III - Ancient Oceans Dweller)
II. Delivering The Achieved Wisdom
5 Cosmic Ancient Mountain (Upcoming Chaos I - The Tree Of Knowledge)
6 Reborn In Victory (Upcoming Chaos II - The Unholy Manuscript)
7 Cataclysmic Origin (Upcoming Chaos III - Unleashed Astral Chaos)
III. Relentless Wrath Upon Mortals
8 Vatican Bombardment (Hecatomb I - Dominion Of The Xul)
9 Destroyer Entity (Hecatomb II - Center Of Destruction)
10 The Antiquary Horror (Interlude - At The Edge Of Madness)
11 Decapitation Of The Weak (Hecatomb III - Arrival Of The Highest Hierarchy)
Bonus Tracks
12 Decapitation Of The Weak (2001 MCD Version)
13 Vatican Bombardment (2005 Split CD Version)
14 Colossal Vortex (Live At Central Illinois Metalfest 2004)
15 Vatican Bombardment (Live At Central Illinois Metalfest 2004)

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