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Insect Warfare - entomological siege 2004 / 2009 (black vinyl, lim. 400), 3LP + DVD

Get ready for a pulverising sonic hecatomb delivered by Texas' unmatchable Grindcore assassins! After being in the works for years, here it is - the ultimate Insect Warfare collection including all their singles, demos, compilation tracks, out takes and alternate recordings, unreleased tracks and rare live material... 99 songs, nearly 3 hours of merciless brutality. All scrupulously mastered for the best sonic deflagration! If you dreamed of having all the hard to find Insect Warfare singles and rarest recordings all gathered in the same place, this is finally the definitive chance!

This black vinyl edition is limited to 400 copies. Triple LP set served in a deluxe trifold jacket with exclusive art by Lucas Korte, with a massive booklet filled with original artworks, scans of all the included works, flyers and photos. Plus a bonus DVD with their complete gig at Annie's that simply kills!

"Gulf Coast Infestation" Demo (2004)
A1 But Now You Die
A2 Hurricane Death
A3 Amphetamine Psychosis
A4 Negative Appeal
A5 Death To False Grind
A6 At War With Grindcore

"At War With Grindcore" EP (2005)
A7 After War Obliteration
A8 Freebase Diarrhea
A9 Amphetamine Phychosis
A10 Destroyed By Tanks
A11 Human Slaughterhouse
A12 Death To False Grind
A13 Brain Infestation
A14 At War With Grindcore

Unreleased Track From The "At War With Grindcore" EP (2005)
A15 Untitled

Compilation Track From "Gulf Coast Infestation" Demo (2004)
A16 Punk Off And Die

Split EP With Bolt Stein (2006)
A17 Fucked Up On PCP
A18 Engulfed In Fire
A19 In Grind There Is No Law

Out Take From The Split With Bolt Stein (2006)
B1 Into The Crypt Of Rays (Celtic Frost)

Endless Execution Thru Violent Restitution (2006)
B2 Repulsed By Radiation
B3 Law Of The Saw
B4 Bestial Destruction
B5 Chainsaw Justice
B6 Execution Mania
B7 Command Of The Guillotine
B8 Behind Bars (Razor)

Split EP With Hated Surge (2006)
B9 Negative Appeal
B10 Obscene Creed
B11 Reanimated Horde
B12 But Now You Die
B13 Hurricane Death

Split EP With Carcass Grinder (2007)
B14 Mind Ripper
B15 Pestilent Excruciation
B16 City Of Enemies
B17 False Grind Alienation

"Evolved Into Obliteration" EP (2007)
C1 Evolved Into Obliteration
C2 Self Termination
C3 Paranoia
C4 Human Trafficking
C5 Street Sweeper
C6 Enslaved By Machinery
C7 Necessary Death
C8 Dead Inside
C9 Hydraphobia
C10 Caught In A Dream (Napalm Death)

Tracks From "Trapped In A Scene" Compilation (2007)
C11 Law Of The Saw
C12 After War Obliteration

Live At KJFC Radio With Unholy Grave
D1 Oxygen Corrosion
D2 Zone Killer
D3 Enslaved By Machinery
D4 Street Sweeper
D5 Manipulator
D6 Necessary Death
D7 Dead Inside
D8 Mind Ripper
D9 Armoured Virus
D10 Negative Appeal
D11 Decontamination
D12 Protection Maze
D13 Caught In A Dream (Napalm Death)
D14 After War Obliteration

Split EP With Carcass Grinder (Alternative Recording, 2006)
D15 Mind Ripper
D16 Pestilent Excruciation
D17 City Of Enemies
D18 False God Alienation

Split EP With Agoraphobic Nosebleed (2008)
E1 Human Virus Ballistic
E2 Technology War
E3 Corporation Life Form
E4 Digital Target
E5 F.T.L.
E6 Deception Fortress
E7 Coded Steel

Tracks From "This Comp Kills Fascits" Compilation (2008)
E8 Information Economy
E9 Cellgraft
E10 Disassembler
E11 Cancer Of Oppression

Split With Flagitious Idiosyncrasy In The Dilapidation (2008)
E12 Hypothermia
E13 Blood Wind
E14 Burning Chrome
E15 Thermal Imaging
E16 Circuit Demon
E17 New Rotation (324)

Track From Grind Bastards #2 Compilation
E18 Death Gate "S/T" Aka "Noise Grind Power Death" (2009)
E19 53 Untitled Tracks

Live At Kurx 91.7 Austin Live Radio
F1 Repulsed By Radiation
F2 Human Slaughterhouse
F3 Fucked Up On PCP
F4 In Grind There Is No Law
F5 Chainsaw Justice
F6 Execution Mania
F7 Negative Appeal / Obscene Greed
F8 Command Of The Guillotine
F9 Into The Crypt Of Rays (Celtic Frost)
F10 Law Of The Saw
F11 After War Obliteration
F12 Behind Bars (Razor)
F13 Mind Ripper
F14 Pestilent Excruciation

Live At Annie's, San Francisco, (3/11/2007)
DVD-1 Self Termination
DVD-2 Human Trafficking
DVD-3 Hydraphobia
DVD-4 Execution Mania
DVD-5 Mind Ripper
DVD-6 False Grind Alienation
DVD-7 Necessary Death
DVD-8 Paranoia
DVD-9 Dead Inside
DVD-10 Ensalved By Machinery
DVD-11 Negative Appeal
DVD-12 Zone Killer
DVD-13 Fuck This Life
DVD-14 Caught In A Dream (Napalm Death)
DVD-15 After War Obliteration

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