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Iron Curtain - road to hell (CD)

Iron Curtain - road to hell (CD)

Iron Curtain were formed in the fall of 2007, in their hometown of Murcia in the south of Spain. Real Metal, anyone? Did I hear a thousand voices screaming "Hell, Yes!"? All right, here we go! Travel back in time into the glorious 80s! And listen to Iron Curtain. these guys have released their debut "Road To Hell" in 1983 or 1984, would have believed it. they are true and play Heavy fuckiní Metal from the heart. Every detail screams "old school"! Iron Curtain play fast, play raw and have fun.

Bonustracks: 9, 10, 11 (Original releases in "Black Fist" EP and "Forjando el acero" EP)

1 Taste My Whip
2 Rules Of Love
3 Scream & Shout
4 Chain Reaction
5 Black Fist
6 Ready To Strike
7 Marshall Law
8 Burning Wheels
9 Hounds Of Hell
10 Southbangers
11 Brigadas satŠnicas

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