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Fetus Eaters / Borstels Rache - softcore / Herdentier (clear vinyl), Split-LP

FETUS EATERS, Grindcore band from Burbank, California, United States vs. BORSTELS RACHE a Punk-/Dbeat-/Hardcore-Band from Germany!

- clear vinyl
- limited to 800 copies

A1 Fetus Eaters 5/4 People Have Trouble With Fractions
A2 Fetus Eaters Food Fight
A3 Fetus Eaters Frosted Blueberry Muffins
A4 Fetus Eaters C'mon, Nobody Really Likes This Song
A5 Fetus Eaters In His 30's, Paul Nathan Jr. Got His G.E.D.
A6 Fetus Eaters Max Hardcore Weinberg 7
A7 Fetus Eaters Recycling Is Overrated
A8 Fetus Eaters You Go To A Life Coach
A9 Fetus Eaters The Bible Is Just Hearsay
A10 Fetus Eaters Jesus Majored In Religious Studies
A11 Fetus Eaters Armpit Vagina Slut
A12 Fetus Eaters Satan Is The Reason For The Season
A13 Fetus Eaters If A Cow Laughed, Would Milk Come Out Of It's Nose?
A14 Fetus Eaters I Gave Up Jesus For Lent
A15 Fetus Eaters Sounds Better Stoned
A16 Fetus Eaters Next Song
A17 Fetus Eaters Cowboy Hats Lower Your I.Q. By 20 Points
A18 Fetus Eaters Slurp

B1 Borstels Rache Herdentier
B2 Borstels Rache Auerhahn
B3 Borstels Rache Canis Lupus
B4 Borstels Rache Homosapiens Nein Danke
B5 Borstels Rache Miriquidi
B6 Borstels Rache Getrennte Wege
B7 Borstels Rache We Bite
B8 Borstels Rache Blutsauger

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