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Katalepsy - autopsychosis (Digi CD)

The Russian band KATALEPSY was founded in 2003. KATALEPSY presents their second album "Autopsychosis" and picks up where bands like DEVOURMENT or their compatriots ABOMINABLE PUTRIDITY leave off. Accordingly, one can once again give an unconditional purchase recommendation for friends of the modern-style flogging and rubbing sport. After all, the Eastern Europeans limit themselves to the essentials, but on a very high level. The basic style, however, is Brutal Death Metal with a certain amount of slam.

1 Lurking In The Depth 3:39
2 Evidence Of Near Death (E.N.D.) 2:39
3 Body Bags For The Gods 3:00
4 Cold Flesh Citadel 3:41
5 The Pulse Of Somnambulist 4:04
6 Unearthly Urge To Supremacy 3:37
7 Gore Conspiracy 4:00
8 Amongst Phantom Worlds 4:06
9 Needles Of Hypocrisy (Interlude) 1:59
10 Knifed Humility 4:23
11 Taedium Vitae 5:02

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Katalepsy - musick of evilution (Digi CD)

Katalepsy - musick of evilution (Digi CD)
11.50 EUR

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delivery time: 3-5 days*
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