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Regurgitate - selfdisembowelment (CD)

Regurgitate - selfdisembowelment (CD)

Previously unreleased material recorded as promo back in 1999 strikes after 20 years for the first time to satisfy all fiendish appetites of every Gore Grind fan! Those 12 tracks of sheer putridity, which were created by a trio, were engineered by Mieszko Talarczyk (RIP) in Soundlab Studios. He also gave his voice to these recordings – he wreaks havoc from the first to the last second.

1 The Pulsating Feast 1:46
2 Claw-Hammer Castration 1:10
3 Copious Head Carnage 1:14
4 Carbonized Death 0:58
5 Skull Of Shit And Sludge 0:39
6 Fecal Freak 2:00
7 Dismantle The Afterbirth 0:43
8 Carnivorous Erection 1:41
9 Rancid Head Of Splatter 1:38
10 Breath Like Rotten Meat 1:00
11 Selfdismembowelment 0:37
12 The Combustion And Comsumption Of Pyorrheic Waste 1:29

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Regurgitate / Skullhog - s/t (black vinyl), Split-EP

Regurgitate / Skullhog - s/t (black vinyl), Split-EP
6.90 EUR

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