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Metal Church - the complete Shrapnel tapes 1981 - 1983 (Digi CD)

Originally, METAL CHURCH was formed in 1980 in San Francisco by Kurdt Vanderhoof. Several members passed through the bandís line-up during the first year. In 1981, Kurdt moved back to his home town of Aberdeen, Washington and founded a new band called SHRAPNEL with Craig Wells, Duke Erickson, and for a while, Tom Weber on drums. Tom was quickly replaced by Kirk Arrington after the first line-up had recorded an instrumental demo. After a few unsuccessful vocalist experiences, they found David Wayne and released the Four Hymns demo in 1982. Further demo material from just before and just after Wayne was hired was also recorded though never officially released at the time. In 1983, they decided to change the name of the band from SHRAPNEL to METAL CHURCH, and went on to release their self-titled, self-financed debut album. The Complete Shrapnel Tapes features those early demos and rehearsals, most of these are released for the first time.

- tri-folded digipak cover
- limited 300 copies

1 Deathwish
2 The Brave
3 Battalions
4 Gods Of Wrath

May 1983 Instrumental Demo
5 Thrasher
6 Graveyard Lust
7 (Unknown Song)
8 Death Wish
9 Death Wish W/ Vocals

Dec. 1981 Rehearsal w/ Mike Murphy on Vocals
10 Wake Up And Die
11 Put The Chains On
12 Arab Nations

Red Skies Demo (Early 81)
13 Red Skies
14 Merciless Onslaught
15 And Heads Will Roll

Early 1981 Rehearsal
16 Put The Chains On (Instrumental)

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