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Cripple Bastards - live to hate people (black vinyl), LP

The insane follow up to "Live to hate people" 3"CD (1998) including – on popular demand – the highly debated Rovereto show interrupted by a furious riot and anarchists throwing bottles on stage. This has been captured by a crystal ultra-powerful soundboard recording, and besides the fun fact of all the insults and gags between the songs, you also get the best sounding CB live performance ever, strenghtened by the band vs audience hostilty of the whole show. Rabid Fastcore/Grind in the total hateful spirit this band has been delivering for 25 years with no compromise or remorse!

IMPORTANT: Vinyl new and unplayed, Cover has a small damaged edge!!!

- limited black vinyl

Rovereto, Italy, "Open Hands" Festival Ended With A Riot 25/6/2005
A1 Intro / Being Ripped Off
A2 Fear In The Squats Of The Dead
A3 When Immunities Fall
A4 Get Out And Bite Them
A5 Images Of War / Images Of Pain
A6 Odio A Prima Vista
A7 Self Zeroing
A8 Show Interrupted End
Cremona, Italy, "The Great HC Gundown" Festival, CSA Dordoni 1/7/2005
A9 Il Sentimento Non č Amore
A10 Morte Da Tossico

Lubljana, Slovenia, "Metelkova" Open Air, June 1997
B11 Intro / Being Ripped Off
B12 Paranoiac
B13 Ragman
B14 I Hate Her
B15 Radije Volim...
B16 Lotta Per Il Potere
Krško, Slovenia, "Refugees Camp" Open Air, June 1997
B17 What I Thought
B18 Get Out And Bite Them
Udine, Italy, "CSA Via Volturno", September 1996
B19 1974
B20 Watchin' Through My Chaos
B21 A Dispetto Della Discrezione
B22 Invito Alla Riservatezza / Come č Falso Dio
B23 Pastete
Udine, Italy, "CSA Via Volturno", May 1997
B24 Intro / Fuck Politics
B25 Mass Media
B26 Sexist Society... Must Destroy It!
B27 Stimmung
B28 Padania Di Merda
B29 Authority?
B30 Asti Punx
B31 Necrospore
B32 Too Late

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