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Morgoth - ungod (CD)

Morgoth - ungod (CD)

Beginning of the 90s... The death metal wave awakens and invents itself. A flagship of this era are the German Morgoth, who wrote death metal history with their first two albums. Caught in the spirit of the 90s, the band changed, which was not well received by the fans. The band disappeared from the scene in 1998 with "Feel Sorry For The Fanatic". In 2012 the band returned to the limelight for live shows, until finally the original singer and undoubtedly the figurehead left the band in 2014.

This gap could not be closed on the part of the fans with Carsten Jäger (Disbelief) and the band and the first studio album after more than 20 years disappeared from the scene.

From today's point of view, many will think differently about this album. The opener "House Of Blood" alone is an anthem of the century that is second to none and the album doesn't really weaken and captivates the entire run. "Ungod" had to be dug up again, get it now, THIS is German Death Metal history from the forefathers...

1 House Of Blood 2:36
2 Voice Of Slumber 4:51
3 Snakestate 4:46
4 Black Enemy 3:45
5 Descent Into Hell 3:27
6 Ungod 6:15
7 Nemesis 4:20
8 God Is Evil 3:57
9 Traitor 3:57
10 Prison In Flesh 3:31
11 The Dark Sleep 5:01

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