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Bloodbath - resurrection through carnage (cassette tape)

This is the first full album release from Swedish death metal group Bloodbath. It is the last release to feature Dan Swan÷ on drums, as he later switched to playing guitar. Bloodbath were not out to win any awards for innovation, but to strip away the complexity of their current projects and have a good time writing what comes natural: old school Swedish death with the crunch on overdrive.

- limited edition of 300 pieces

A1 Ways To The Grave 4:09
A2 So You Die 3:18
A3 Mass Strangulation 3:32
A4 Death Delirium 5:06
A5 Buried By The Dead 3:14

B1 The Soulcollector 3:37
B2 Bathe In Blood 4:11
B3 Trail Of Insects 4:36
B4 Like Fire 4:34
B5 Cry My Name 4:40

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