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S.D.I. - satans defloration incorporated (CD)

S.D.I. kicks devil's ass since 1986! In their "first life" the Osnabrück trio released three albums until 1989, which went down in metal history. Fast, loud, silly and dirty in the beginning with "Satans Defloration Incorporated" (1986), they developed a varied, very musical speed metal sound with the albums "Sign of the Wicked" (1987) and "Mistreated" (1989), which makes it unmistakable as a private label. With "Megamosh" they also created a speed metal anthem that brought them to the turntables worldwide. SDI played stages all over Europe before going on a brief hiatus that lasted 27 years. Reunited in 2014, they toured Europe and Asia until January 2020 when the album 80s Metal Band was released, which seamlessly matched the spirit of their first three albums. After the already re-released and remastered second and most recently third album, it's time to finally devote time to the 1986 debut. For this purpose, "Satan's Defloration Incorporated" was completely remastered by none other than Aljoscha Sieg (Eskimo Callboy, among others) at Pitchback Studios. But that's not all, because the original album is supplemented with four bonus tracks, which were completely re-recorded in 2021, of which "Cry For More" and "Make My Day" were also mixed by Aljoscha Sieg.

1. Quasimodo 2. Panic in Wehrmacht 3. Wanker 4. Absolute Banger 5. Young Blood 6. You’re wrong 7. Chainsaw Massacre 8. I don’t care 9. Take off your hands 10. I wanna fuck you 11. Bullshit 12. Disappointment 13. Bloodsucker 14. Back to earth 15. Get lost 16. Cry for more 17. Make my day

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