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Ruinas - ikonoklasta (black vinyl, lim. 400), LP

Ruinas - ikonoklasta (black vinyl, lim. 400), LP

Grinding Death Metal, sometimes dismal, sometimes punkish, sometimes sludgy, sometimes fuck you off! "Ikonoklasta" is an unforseen storm within Extreme Metal, created by the hand and soul of Rober, member of the deceased Death/Grind legends Machetazo, and Angel, both hailing from the remote Spanish region of Galicia. 13 filthy hymns to misery, fatuity, death and decay, a one-way descent into the deepest caliginous abyss with no hope for redemption.

- limited to 400 black copies

A1 Trepanación 2:07
A2 Ikonoklasta 2:04
A3 Ciclón Tarantula 0:58
A4 Fauces De Saturno 3:19
A5 Supercélula 0:28
A6 Instinto Genozida 4:34

B1 El Tormento De Las Ratas 1:15
B2 Ira, Cuchillo Y Fuego 0:39
B3 Vómito De Sangre 4:46
B4 La Conjura De Los Insectos 1:49
B5 Nueva Peste (De Profundis) 2:26
B6 Retrovirus 2:24
B7 Ad Vermibus Gloriam 5:27

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