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Lividity - used, abused, and left for dead (CD)

This album is a total departure from earlier Lividity material! Old Lividity is great of course, but the stuff played on "Used, Abused, And Left For Dead" is totally different and totally amazing as well. If you love super fast, ultra brutal death metal / grind, you'll absolutely love this. Forget everything you knew about Lividity in the past and give this a try; you'll be absolutely surprised by what you here. "Used, Abused, And Left For Dead" is an absolutely great album on every level.

1 Raped For Rent 3:00
2 Gore Epitomite 0:47
3 Seven19 2:58
4 Deviant Pleasures 2:28
5 The Cumming Of The Trilogy (Pussy Lover Pt. 3) 3:34
6 Exhibition Of Carnage 2:33
7 Used, Abused And Left For Dead 1:33
8 Hero Of Dementia 3:09
9 No Time For Lube 2:51
10 Stench Of Virginity (Sonic Version) 3:04
11 The Urge To Splurge 0:47
12 Bound In Skin 2:23
13 Phallic Beat Down 8:40

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