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Depression / Fleshripper (black vinyl), Split-EP

Limited of 500 copies.

Depression, the German masters of groovy death/grind are back again proving why they are one of the strongest names out there, fucking masterful grinding. Heavy, pummelling riffing, which has that rough old school death metal feeling to it. The two growlers sharing the vocal duties adds a really brutal touch. And then we have the insanely screamed back ups - Freakish! There's nothing else to say except that if you want your grinding heavy, brutal and absolutely wickedly killer, there's no substitute!
On the flip side we have the old school death metallers of Fleshripper. The first thing we're served is a haunting and chilly intro, really building up some major expectations. And well, the rest is no disappointment. Fierce drumming, brutal and deep growling. Fairly simple (especially Corpse), but still great string-work. The opening track Zombie Fetus is a total arse ripper - Every aspect of the song will tear you a new one.
A bloody awesome split!

A1 Depression – Drowned In Holy Rivers (Intro)
A2 Depression – Sane - Insane
A3 Depression – The Deepest I
A4 Depression – Vagina Berserker
B1 Fleshripper – Zombie Fetus
B2 Fleshripper – Corpse

A-Side recorded in February 2003. Drums were recorded on February 12th at El Tempo Ha Venido Studio, Schüren. Guitars, bass, and all vocals were recorded February 23rd at K-Sound Studio,Hohenlimburg. B-Side recorded at Panzerklang Studio in Winter 2002. Track A4 is a Gut cover.
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